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Not all Agents can provide you with the proper coverages!                            (Survey)
  • Homeowner’s policies do not cover flood damage.  If your home is built on a flood plain, you may be
    required to purchase flood insurance if you have a mortgage.  If you believe you have a risk for
    flooding, you can purchase flood insurance.  The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offers
    flood overage in many areas.  You can purchase NFIP policies from most local Brokers.  For further
    information call NFIP at 1 800-427-4661.
  • If you need more liability coverage than what your homeowner’s policy provides, you can purchase a
    separate umbrella policy.  The umbrella policy provides coverage beyond your basic liability limits,
    and in some cases, may provide coverage where your basic policy may have gaps. From Wikipedia
  • Contact our company or agent for a personal homeowner’s insurance consultation.
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    Condo Insurance Quotes:  Why Pay More?

      Your condo is an investment, and protecting
    that investment should be a priority. Getting
    free condo insurance quotes can help you
    answer a range of questions, like:
  • What do I do when my condo association
    requires a minimum coverage for all residents?
  • How do I ensure that if there is an incident in the
    building, my unit is protected?
  • What's the difference in cost between traditional
    homeowners insurance and condo insurance?
  • Keep in mind that some condo insurance
    policies do not include flood insurance. Talk
    to your agent about including that in your plan
    or purchasing additional coverage.
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But as you shop for those homeowners
insurance, you have to be careful or else
you could run into future problems with
your insurance policy. With today's
economy in turmoil, you may be more
determined to get the lowest quote to save
money on your coverage plan, but doing so
may put you at risk of coverage gaps.
Another possibility that could happen is
that you choose home owners insurance
quotes that are too expensive and still
don't have the coverage you need to
protect your property and assets.
Many homeowners do not know that they
can negotiate rates with homeowners
insurance agents  by asking for ways to
lower their monthly premium, instead of
going with the flow. As
reports, home owners insurance policies
can be settled between homeowners and
insurers, before insurance claims are filed.
Unfortunately, the opposite happens:
homeowners end up being dissatisfied in
the aftermath of a peril, and d the insurer's
legal and contractual obligations,
homeowners lose out on saving money.

Protect Your Stuff: Get Renters
Insurance Quotes           

Your landlord is not responsible for
damage to your things, so be one step
ahead, and get renters insurance
quotes. They're free, fast, and most of find out the many ways renters
insurance can protect the things you've
worked so hard to acquire. When you
sign a lease, you relinquish the
landlord as well as other tenants, from
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